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Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Brussels Photonics Team

The Brussels Photonics Team (B-PHOT) is a research group within the Faculty of Engineering of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) that belongs to the UNICA Network of Universities of the Capitals of Europe.

VUB-B-PHOT hosts 15 senior post-docs and 30 researchers whose photonic R&D activities are coordinated by Prof. Hugo Thienpont.

VUB-B-PHOT is internationally recognized for its strategic and applied research in the field of photonics and is also uniquely involved in industry-related photonics projects in Belgium and Europe. As such VUB-B-PHOT has more than 15 years of experience in teaming up with companies in photonics-enabled innovation projects that span a variety of industrial sectors: e.g. high-end projectors and displays (BARCO, TP VISION); food-sorting (BEST, TOMRA); digital printing (AGFA, XEIKON, UCAMCO); automotive (MELEXIS); manufacturing (ICOS, XENICS) and lighting (PHILIPS). Since 2007 the VUB-BPHOT team has the special status of “Focal Point for Industrial Validation” , awarded by the Flemish government for its track record in industrial research validation, knowledge transfer, and entrepreneurship in photonics.


Key persons

  • Peter Doyle

    Central Outreach Coordinator & Central Contact Point
    pdoyle [at]
  • Nathalie Debaes

    Project Finances & Support Officer, Central Contact Point
    ndebaes [at]
  • Hugo Thienpont

    Project Coordinator
  • Johan Vlekken

    Project Workflow & Templates, Central Contact Point
    jvlekken [at]
  • Bernadette Callebaut

    Contracts Administration, Central Contact Point
    bcalleba [at]
  • Raymundo Vasquez

    Project IT Systems, Central Contact Point
    raymundo.vasquez [at]
  • Michael Vervaeke

    Member of the TCT, Leader of Technology Platform 1

    Leader Technology Platform 1: “Free-Space Photonic Components and Systems”

  • Francis Berghmans

    Vice Coordinator, Member of the TCT, Leader of Technology Platform 2
    Leader Technology Platform 2: “Glass and Polymer Specialty Fibres and Fibre Devices”