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TP-2: Glass and Polymer Speciality Fibers & Fiber Devices

If you think that advanced optical fiber technology can provide an answer to your innovation needs, ACTPHAST 4.0’s Technology Platform 2 on Glass and Polymer Specialty Fibers and Fiber Devices is your partner of choice.

We master the design and the fabrication technologies of a large range of optical fiber types made either from glass or from plastics. For example, we can manufacture such fibers in pure silica, doped silica, soft glass and chalcogenide glass. We can even synthesize these base materials and tailor them to your needs.

Once manufactured, our extensive test & measurement capabilities will be used to make sure that the fiber answers all of your specifications. In case you need to connect optical fibers or to assemble them in bundles, we also have dedicated equipment and techniques to do so. Should your fibers or their extremities need to be protected, we can take care of equipping them with special coatings, of encapsulating or connecting the ends, and packaging them in a way that is compatible with the environmental constraints of your application. Should you want to equip your fiber with special functionalities such as sensing or filtering capabilities for example, we can microstructure the inside and outside of the fiber and provide a fully-fledged set of laser tools to process the fibers and to create functional grating structures inside the fiber.