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TP-3: Polymer-based components and large area organic photonics

If you are looking for low-cost micro- and nano-optical components or devices as well as for surfaces functionalized by nano-patterns, then polymer replication might provide a solution for you and ACTPHAST 4.0’s Technology Platform 3 on polymer-based photonic components and large area organic photonics is the right partner to solve your innovative needs.

Independently whether you have optical expertise or not, you tell us your idea or problem and we will take care of the engineering work including optical modelling and simulation as well as of the technology development, including mastering, prototyping and mass fabrication issues. Testing and characterisation will ensure that the devices fulfil the requested specifications. If needed, we can also address reliability issues concerning the process as well as the devices.

Are you are interested in the creation of new mass manufacturable products in the domains of biotechnology, medicine, smart sensors, data communication, renewable energy, home automation or security systems, or some other? We are at your disposal to process optical components featuring extreme optical quality finish, high-aspect ratio, absolute free-form shapes or nano-structured surface finish. Our replication and printing technologies not only allow functionalizing the material surfaces, but also structure fabrication in an endless variety of highly-functional polymers, such as biodegradable, biocompatible, recyclable, stretchable and flexible plastics. Our polymer components are compatible with 200 and 300 mm Si-CMOS foundry facilities enabling the unique combination of highly functional polymer components at wafer-scale level with the power of Si-nano-electronics and nano-photonics technology by our hybrid/heterogeneous integration techniques. Therefore, we can help you also in the development and fabrication of organic light emitting diodes, flexible displays or organic photovoltaics.