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TP-4: Micro-Opto-Electro Mechanical Systems (MOEMS) integration

If you need a technology platform for miniaturization of critical optical systems with the “dynamic” processing of optical signals, ACTPHAST 4.0’s Technology Platform 4 on Micro-Opto-Electro Mechanical Systems (MOEMS), the combination of micro-optics and MEMS is your solution.

The platform can perform the integration of MOEMS with micro-machining technologies and the combination of mechanical properties of silicon with the optical features of glass, polymers or lithium niobate to realize advanced optical microsystems. The platform provides the capabilities for manufacturing free-space or waveguided microinterferometers and miniature microscopes including mechanical parts like mirrors, MEMS actuators, micromirrors or scanners as well as microoptical refractive or diffractive components.

The added value of this approach, combining the silicon micromachining and photonics is to couple the advantages of optics with the potential of microsystems. Whereas silicon processing and microoptical technologies are well-proven technologies, the choice of appropriate 3D integration for all these hybrid parts is still more challenging. It requires a high-precision alignment of micromechanical and microoptical components and needs to provide size, weight, and power reductions of photonic systems together with better performance, new functionalities and improved reliability - analogous to electronic integration.

Here, the challenge is based on the appropriate choice of optimal solution for the heterogeneous integration addressing the “value chain” for more efficient manufacturing, efficient packaging and where photonics becomes fully embedded in electronics-based systems. For example, two complementary approaches of integration are proposed: (i) 3D multi-wafer technology combining several dies vertically by using various bonding techniques and (ii) micro-assembling with the use of reconfigurable silicon free-space micro-optical bench. Merging all these multi-technologies is an ideal knowhow for many industrial demonstrations of commercial devices in the field of biophotonics and medicine (colonoscopy, gastroscopy, bronchoscopy using a variety of endomicroscopes, on-chip microscopes and interferometers, miniature OCT systems, point-of-care diagnostics, micro-cytometers, microinstruments for early diagnostics of cancer, lab-on-a-chips), in microdisplays (scanners, barcode readers, SLMS, micro-projectors, micro-cameras, HMDs), in optical microscopy (miniature confocal microscopes, micro-inteferometers, industrial endoscopy), and in many more.