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TP-6: InP-based Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) or Chips

Do you remember that old equipment, the boxes full with electrical and electronic components? Today it’s all integrated in a few small chips which have thousand times more functionality than those old boxes. The microelectronic revolution started in the 1970s and it is still going on.

In the world of photonics a similar revolution has recently started. We still work with those boxes and rack units, efficiently packed with tens of components. But today already hundreds of optical components, like lasers, optical amplifiers, modulators, detectors, couplers, filters and wavelength demultiplexers can be integrated on a single chip of a few millimeters size. They can replace the big old boxes and they open the way for novel applications.

Until recently the entry costs for developing such chips were extremely high, only affordable to companies with big investors. Since 2014 the JePPIX platform is offering low-cost access to three advanced integration processes for development and manufacturing of advanced Photonic ICs for a broad range of applications: telecoms, datacoms, fibre sensing, medical diagnostics, automotive and metrology, to mention just a few.

ACTPHAST 4.0 is offering you a unique opportunity to access this revolutionary technology with lower risk, including design, manufacturing and testing, to explore whether a Photonic Integrated Circuit will work for your business.

The wavelength range in which our PICs work is typically the C-Band: 1530-1565 nm, but for some applications, like spectrometers, we can offer significantly extended operation windows. A number of examples of PICs for different applications are illustrated here.